CDN (Diego) Damasceno

Postdoctoral Researcher @ Radboud University

Radboud University

Faculty of Science

Institute for Computing and Information Sciences

Toernooiveld 212

6525 EC Nijmegen, NL

Hi, I’m Carlos Diego Nascimento Damasceno, Postdoctoral Researcher in the Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (ICIS) at Radboud University.

Research Interests

  • Software Engineering (particularly, modeling and testing)
  • Empirical Software Engineering
  • Test Case Generation and Prioritization
  • Model-Based Testing
  • Model-Driven Engineering
  • Automata learning (e.g., Angluin L*, L*M)
  • Software Product Lines
  • Project Management
  • Research Data Management (RDM)

selected publications

  1. Quality {Guidelines} for {Research} {Artifacts} in {Model}-{Driven} {Engineering}
    Damasceno, Carlos Diego Nascimento, and Strüber, Daniel
    In 2021 {ACM}/{IEEE} 24th {International} {Conference} on {Model} {Driven} {Engineering} {Languages} and {Systems} ({MODELS}) 2021
  2. Learning by sampling: learning behavioral family models from software product lines
    Damasceno, Carlos Diego Nascimento, Mousavi, Mohammad Reza, and Simao, Adenilso da Silva
    Empirical Software Engineering 2021
  3. Evaluating Test Characteristics and Effectiveness of FSM-Based Testing Methods on RBAC Systems
    Damasceno, Carlos Diego Nascimento, Masiero, Paulo Cesar, and Simao, Adenilso
    In Proceedings of the 30th Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering 2016